The Ashes, free bets on the outcome.

the ashes free betsFree bets on the Ashes anyone

Well what a summer if you are a fan of free bets on the cricket. Its Ashes fever and everyone billed this as a fairly poor Aussie side but I am betting few put any free bets on the domination of the English team especially after seeing them in action.
With a below par England demolishing the Australian batting order especially at the top of the batting order some are predicting an Ashes whitewash and total humiliation for the visiting team.
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The last test was a doddle but who would use free bets on the third test?

Lets be honest the last test was not a competitive game especially after the first morning of the second day. The Australian batting order seem to me to be the most to blame, with tail enders propping up already dismal scores and producing respectable and in some cases outstanding last man stands. England though have been nowhere near their best with their top performers showing signs of poor form. The much anticipated return to the English ranks of Kevin Petersen has proved to be a red herring as he has looked like a tail ender at the start of this Ashes series.
But what next? The Aussies will be hurting they are used to be a country of sporting winners and the press over there will be making much of this team and the lack of performances and seeming capitulation to the English.

We would not use all your free bets on a whitewash

To be frank the next test could go either way the England team are not firing on all cylinders yet and whilst they may have a few gears to go up the question has to be over the form of the top order. We have seen flashes of pure genius from the likes of Bell (3 consecutive test one hundreds against the Aussies) and a good bat in the last innings we are hopeful the top of the order can consistently get the runs we need to make it a whitewash but beware of the wounded Australian team they will not want to travel back to Australia knowing the press and angry public awaits if they do not perform.
A bit of a further disaster with James Pattersen having to fly home early with a stress fracture of the spine. They could have really done with all hands to the pump if they stand any chance of coming back into the series and this will be a blow for the team at a time when they least need one.
One thing is for sure though is that this will be an interesting next test match and one to use some free bets on.

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