How Many Women Cricket Teams Are There In World?

How Many Women Cricket Teams Are There In World?

क्रिकेट has never been more exciting. With the Women’s World cup taking place in New Zealand this summer, it is a perfect time to introduce you to the game of cricket. If you are an avid fan of the cricket game, this blog post will help make sense of all that is happening in women’s cricket this summer. As you know, cricket is one of the most-watched sports worldwide. But people forget about women’s cricket, and women’s cricket fails to get the attention of the fans as much as they need. Women’s cricket is not just confined to England and Australia alone, and there are so many women cricket teams worldwide. Today you will get to familiar with women’s cricket more.

More About Women Cricket

Women's cricket association

Women have played for less time than men, but it does not mean that women’s cricket was not being played in earlier times. There were traces from the past when women used to play cricket for their recreation in their backyards or the parks. However, 15 April 1887 marked the starting of the official cricket journey of women. The first match took Fernleas and the Siroccos on the Sydney cricket ground. The start of the nineteenth century saw the rise in popularity of women’s cricket in the world. The first international match took place between Australia and England in the 1930s. To support and grow women’s cricket Australia women’s cricket association was also formed.

Since the first international women’s match, Australia became the first women’s team to travel overseas to play matches. Margaret Peden led the Australian team, and due to lack of support and funds, they had to put their own money to travel to England to play matches with them. Women’s cricket traveled from England and Australia to different places. There are over twenty women cricket teams from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ireland, and many more. Now, the women’s cricket Association is submerged with ICC, and now ICC organized all the tournaments and international cricket matches.  

Women  In The World Cup

Women's world cup

You would be surprised to hear that women have played the world cup before, even men. Yes, the women’s world cup for limited over means ODI was organized in 1973, two years before the men’s world cup. In the first world cup, seven teams from the world took part in the tournament. The teams were England, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, International eleven and young England. The tournament was held in a limited over format within round-robin format. In the round-robin tournament, the team at the top level or the team with the highest point wins the tournament. So England was the winner of the first world cup.

The last world cup took place in 2017 in England, and the England team was able to lift the world cup on their home ground. This was the 11Th edition of the women’s cricket world cup, and eight teams took part in it. The finals of the world cup took place between England and India, and England made a total of 229 runs in the final game. Though the score looked average and easy to chase, the Indian team failed to do so, and Anya Shrubsole’s six wickets helped England win the world cup. This was the best bowling figure by any woman in the world cup. The next tournament will be happening in the summer of 2022, and New Zealand is hosting the world cup this year.

Which Is The Most Successful Women’s Cricket Team?

When it comes to women’s cricket, the Australian team has the reputation of aggressive play and winning most of the matches. Australian women’s cricket team has won the most number of world cup titles six times. They first won their world cup back in 1978, and they continuously won two more world Cups after. The next team on the list is England they are also a good team in women’s cricket as they have won the world cup four times. Thus both team is more probable to win the next world cup too. So make sure that you watch out for these teams in the next women’s world cup.

Moreover, the first Women’s Cricket World Cup was held at Lord’s on 24 May 1973 with only eight teams taking part (England, Australia, New Zealand (two teams), West Indies (two teams), United States of America (one team), Ireland and Denmark). England emerged as champions after defeating New Zealand by nine runs. Subsequently, the tournament was held in West Indies and England in 1978; then, it took a gap of ten years before the next one was played on home soil. However, this one was not a full-fledged competition as, again, only four countries participated in the tournament.