Cricket betting live rates

Cricket betting live rates

Do you want to know cricket betting tips live rate? If yes, we can help you. Nowadays people place bets on live cricket matches. With live matches come live rates and live tips. In order to make the most out of live bets, you need to know proper tips. Many online websites provide you with live rates and tips for betting. In this post, we are going to discuss cricket betting tips and live rates. But first, we need to understand what live rate actually means.

What is the live rate?

In betting, world rates are known as odds. You might have come across the term betting odds. The entire cricket betting system runs on odds. Odds determine two things:

  • The chances of winning.
  • The amount you will win.

Different bookmaker place odds on each team. It would be best if you placed the bet with the bookmaker as per the odds. If you win, the bookmaker will pay you. If you lose, you have to pay them the bet money.

Odds can be high as well as low:

  • High odds = less chance of winning/ more payout.
  • Low odds = more chance of winning/ less payout

Some betting provides live rates for in-play betting. In this besting live odds are provided. You have to place your bets here quickly. To place bets on live odds, you need live tips. Most of the website provides live tips.

IPL Live Rates

Here are some odds of each team to win this IPL season:

  • MI = 5.0 odds
  • DC = 7.0 odds
  • SRH = 5.50 odds
  • CSK = 6 odds
  • KKR = 8 odds
  • RCB = 8 odds
  • RR = 10 odds
  • KXIP = 10 odds

IPL Winner Prediction

Today IPL matches live rates, and we have predicted the chances of winning for each team:

  • MI = 16%
  • SRH = 16%
  • CSK = 15%
  • DC = 13%
  • KKR = 11%
  • RCB = 11%
  • RR = 9%
  • KXIP = 9%

ICC Twenty20 World Cup Rates

Here are the odds has given to each world cup team:

  • Australia = 3.50
  • India = 4.33
  • England = 4.50
  • New Zealand = 7.50
  • South Africa = 9.00
  • West Indies = 9.00
  • Pakistan = 13.00
  • Sri Lanka = 34.00
  • Afghanistan = 81.00
  • Bangladesh = 81.00

Live Match Tips

Here, we will show you an example of live match tips as per rates.

  • England vs New Zealand 1st Test match Tip: Eng vs Nz match was hosted on 20 November 2019 at Bay Oval in New Zealand.
    • Live Odds: New Zealand – 2.20
    • Prediction: Winner – New Zealand
    • Actual Winner: New Zealand
    • New Zealand won by 65 runs.
    • England doesn’t have the experience need to play on Kiwi soil. New Zealand has a batting as well as a bowling advantage over England.

During the match, live odds were placed on each team and live tips were provided as per the odds. This tip was given as per the live odds of New Zealand winning, i.e. 2.20.

You need to choose a website that provides cricket betting tips free live rate so that you can take advantage of the situation. You can even use mobile apps to do live cricket online betting.

Hot to calculate run rates?

In cricket, you can calculate the run rate by dividing the total runs scored during any given period by the total number of overs bowled, during that particular period of the innings.

If 90 runs are scored after 15 overs, the run score is 90/15, thus a 6.00 run rate.

For calculations to be done during ongoing over, however, the equation must be modified. Runs are taken as they are, but balls must be calibrated. The number of balls in an over is six, so the value of each delivery is divided by the number of balls in the over. Therefore, 1/6 of an over is 0.16, 2/6th is 0.33, 3/6th is 0.5, 4/6th is 0.66, 5/6th is 0.83, and the 6th is a full over.

In the case of 107 runs in 17.2 overs, divide 107 by 17.33. This equals 6.17.

In a match, tournament, or throughout a bowler’s entire career, this is known as Runs Per Over (RPO). Tests, ODI’s and Twenty20’s (T20’s) all calculate the run the same.

Net Run Rate: How is it calculated?

In tournaments, Net Run Rate (NRR) is considered and is just calculated for competing teams. A team’s NRR is calculated by deducting the number of runs they conceded in the tournament from the number of balls they faced in the tournament.

A team’s full quota of overs that were supposed to be batted applies if they are all out before the end of regulation overs.

Using an ODI tournament as an example:

  • Match 1: Pakistan is bowled out for 270 runs in 40 overs as India scores 300/5 in 50 overs. (Note, Pakistan has 50 overs in total).
  • Match 2: India wins by scoring 275/7 in 50 overs against Sri Lanka, who scored 232/9 in the same period.
  • India has scored 575 runs (575 + 277) in 100 overs in the tournament. The run rate is 5.75 per over (575/100). Also, India gave away 502 runs (270 + 232) despite bowling 90 overs (40 + 50), so it has to be 100 overs. This is a 5.02 run rate (502/100).

There’s a difference between Net Run Rate and Run Rate. In the above example, India’s Net Run Rate is therefore +0.73 (5.75 – 5.02). If more than one team has the same number of points in a league or tournament, the team with the highest Net Run Rate qualifies. It differs quite a bit from how run rates are calculated.

In addition, tournaments may use different methods to figure out the net run rate.