CSK is not for Indians only in Indian Premier League

CSK is not for Indians only in Indian Premier League

In IPL, there are eight teams were participating in 2020. The one among them is CSK (Chennai Super Kings) which is the most favourite team for Indian people especially Tamil Nadu people. Because Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and most of the visitors from various countries have been visiting daily. So there is a declaration of IPL that, this year of IPL will be only with Indian players.

But this idea was rejected by the Chennai Super Kings players and they feel like that’s how they will be playing for another Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. The IPL of 2020 was postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19, but somewhat they are hoping that they will have it later this 2020. 

The condition of IPL and BCCI

The Chennai Super Kings was the three-time champions of IPL and it is considering the most successful team after the great Mumbai Indian team (won the championship four times). Board of Control for Cricket in India has stated to the Press Trust of India (PTI) that if the IPL of 2020 doesn’t happen, then the world’s one of the richest boards will be affected terribly. The financial situation of such a board will be in trouble like the Cricket board of Australia.

People will be frozen if you hear the loss amount if IPL doesn’t happen? Yes, such a board will be taken the revenue amount of Four-Thousand Crores. Arun Dhumal who is a Board of Cricket Council treasurer told to the PTI openly. So the board will be in a huge problem soon. 

Due to the Pandemic, everything was postponed in BCCI and the board members are worrying and making the discussion. Those all about when the IPL and also the T20 World Cup Championship in 2020. They are waiting for a day of inaugurations for both of them because they are in deep distress from this bad situation.

Due to this Corona, can’t even arrange any meeting to discuss how to face the issues in this field and the board members are always ready to meet together. The players are having a great belief in BCCI that they will make good decisions when their time comes.

The IPL will happen, the foreign players will play and the travel restrictions too will be eased by them- these are the hopes and steps that will be taken by BCCI. But they have been in the discussion that, there is an option of conducting the IPL outside of India and also Sri Lanka. They are ready to issue the host for such the biggest league in the world.

The most important and well-skilled player of CSK is undoubtedly MS Dhoni comes back to IPL also the one, to expect by the all over world fans of him, but that too was indefinitely procrastinated due to this pandemic.

Finally, they said, instead of playing the IPL only with Indians, better they can be postponed for so long and no issues – comment from the Chennai Super Kings.