Rules and regulations of cricket

Rules and regulations of cricket

Since cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and is even played on an international level, it is important that you know all the cricket rules if you love this game. It does not matter that you are playing the cricket game either in your backyard or in-ground, cause the number of rules of cricket is more than of any other sports, so it is better to learn as it will be helpful for you later in playing cricket in actual.

What the cricket game is all about?

So, basically, cricket is nothing but a very popular game that has many craziest fans behind it. It is played between two teams which have 11 players in each team. This game requires a bat and ball and a big field. Also, there are some significant rules and regulations of cricket that you must follow while playing on the ground. 

There are so many formats of cricket that are followed in the world on international levels such as test cricket, one day cricket, and Twenty20 Cricket, however, rules are different. So it is very important that you know some of the basic rules of cricket before playing it.

What are Some of the Cricket Rules and Regulations that Most of the People are Unaware of?

While playing cricket on the ground there exist 12 players also, but only 11 of them can feature in the game. The 12th man is only allowed to play when any of the 11 players have got injured during the game. Basically act as a substitution for the other injured player on the field.  

Players of a Cricket team.

There are originally three cricket power-play rules applied on the cricket field. The first one is that when 10 overs of power play is on, only two players are allowed to field outside the 30 yards circle. And the second powerplay is taken between 11 to 40 over in which 4 players are allowed outside 30 yards. And the third rule states that only 5 players are allowed to field outside the circle between 41 to 50 overs.

What are the Important Things That You Must Know About Cricket Rules? 

In order to make sure that all the rules and regulations followed by the players properly, two umpires are located on the field. The responsibilities of umpires are that making a better decision and notifying the players on the ground what are the scores. If in case both the umpires are not able to identify some of the moves of the players on the field, then there is a call for the third umpire. The third umpire takes the more better and accurate decision with the help of the exclusive footage.

What is in the List of Crickets Rules? 

The player who is batting currently is considered to be out when:

  • The bowler hits the wicket with the ball.
  • The bowler or the fielder catches the ball when the batsman hits it.

Along with these there are so many rules of cricket.