Indian Premier League 2020. Finally, the day also came now!

Indian Premier League 2020. Finally, the day also came now!

The whole world was stricken by the COVID-19 and as a result, the economy of every nation was destructed massively. Though it was originated from China, the upshot was completely jumped over many major countries of the orb. Nearly 5 million people have infected due to this virus and the current scenario is having no place to admit the victims and bury them inside the box too.

This Corona has been forcing the whole world into terrible and postponing everything including the sports events. One of them is IPL, the new season of this year 2020 was procrastinated for an indefinite period and now the day also came finally. This is an overwhelming situation for every player and a fan of cricket. 

After the lots of discussions our IPL 2020 came but:

This hazardous corona came severely in March, and so the IPL 2020 was procrastinated for just seventeen days. That is from March 29 to April 15 it was done indefinitely. But the break was completely extended until this date, which leads the players and also the BCCI into the most panic about the loss. Why because, the ambassadors also have spent a lot which are lakhs and crores to buy the players for their team to win the title of this new season. Eight teams are going to play in IPL, and the final of the Indian Premier League would be on May 24. But everything was lost now.

As per the declaration of IPL, the day May 24 has come now, but where is the game, players and all. This was the post of so many fans’ social media content. Twitter was come into the meltdown due to the tweets of the fans; yes they all have been disappointed over the IPL final.

The fascinators of cricket were ruined obviously, and it was very visible from their emojis and stickers on Instagram, Facebook, and most importantly on Twitter. The declared day of the final was chosen after lots of discussions by BCCI, but everything was ruined by Corona. The loss by this postponing is huge than people’s guessing, 4000 thousand rupees nearly. It is all by the positive counting of victims by Corona in India. The fans were expressed their every emotion of panic, anger on COVID-19, longing for coming back, and so on. Their social media pages are filled with these types of posts only for the last two days of May Month. 

Though BCCI has recommended for the bio-safety officer or else they called as Medical officer, to give some guidelines and safety actions. They have issued sanitized things like balls, gloves, and everything to the players and umpires. They must be checked for fourteen days of the testing period of COVID-19. Both in training and the matches too, the biosafety officer will be with them and monitor each of them daily. These are steps that the BCCI board has arranged for them and cares about the players due to this idiotic Corona.

Being the die-hard fan of cricket, I too have exposed in my social accounts and scolded the corona which is the main thing for this kind of distress in the daily life of us.