The audience without an IPL match is like soup without salt!

The audience without an IPL match is like soup without salt!

In this quarantine, people have been facing more and more sad things and distress than good things. Yes, much of the people with family members and spending every day together. On the other side, some people were migrated for work could not come back to their family. So the hit of the pandemic was so deeper than the disasters so far. People are really in confusion for so long that what to do or where to go and when it will clear and some others think whether Corona will clear or not? In the meanwhile time, the sports events of the world were also in the deep discussions especially the cricket field of Board of Control for Cricket in India. Because it is the basic period to conduct the Indian Premier League every year, this year also has planned for that but all are vain only.

Who said that players will miss playing in face of vast crowd:

The above phrase was said by one of the Indian cricket team player, Shikhar Dhawan. He is an opening batsman of India for so many matches, and he is a left-handed batsman, bowler of a right-arm off break. And in the Indian Premier League he uses to play for Delhi Capitals. Due to the quarantine both the IPL and the T20 World Cup Championship were also procrastinated by the board members. So all the players are now at their homeland and with their family, and so they have been tweeting and talking with fellow players through the live chat on Instagram. Once he said to Angelo Mathews who is the Sri Lankan player, about the feelings of IPL. During the chat Dhawan said, if the IPL happens now, that will be excellent to pour some positivity to all the players.

Official instagram account of Shikhar Dhawan.

He specially mentions that due to Corona the stadium will be empty and people prefer to watch the matches online or live on Television only. Angelo replied that when players all back to the ground and playing after a long time will awesome even to think. There are some sports, will be motivating and enthusiastic while there is viewers, fans, and audience. It is not much good while playing within the closed doors of the stadium. The players are hungry to play in the ground and perform well for the trophies are the only ones that they want to have in this quarantine. 

The IPL is such a game for such an enthusiastic environment than the T20 matches because the IPL is the kind of unity occasion of players together from different country teams. The impact of IPL is not an easy one to beat from the hearts of both the players and audiences. The fans without the matches are like ‘Soup without Salt’ which is an unpalatable one. The cheerfulness will be possible only the stadium have a huge crowd and the sound effects. As cricket players, Dhawan and Angelo felt the real meaning of these phrases. 

All the sports and sportspeople will be only interested when they get motivation and cheerfulness from the supporters or their fans!