Top betting sites for cricket

Top betting sites for cricket

Dear folks have you heard of the term “Cricket Betting”? If no, then in our today’s article you will learn about cricket betting and its top betting sites. So, fasten your seat belts and get started!

What is Betting

Betting can be defined as an unfathomable game of gambling. Here a person bets money for an unseen event which can or cannot be in the favour of the person. If the event results in the favour then the individual wins a stipulated amount of money which is decided before the event. If the result is contradicting to the prediction then the person loses a stipulated amount which is also fixed before the event. Nowadays cricket betting has become a very famous form of betting. There are various websites and applications that are wholely dedicated to betting. 

TOP 10 Betting sites in India

Below mentioned are the top betting sites which are also considered as the top betting sites in India.

1. Royal Panda: This is one of the best betting application offering it’s users varied features. This application unables the users to do “Live Betting.” 

Royal Panda betting site and app.

2. William Hill: William hill comes under the top names of bookmakers. It is one of the most famous application among the betters. This app includes various sports happening around the world. 

WilliamHill betting site and app.

3. LeoVegas: This application is specially programmed for Indian betters. The transaction process is in Indian method. The application involves only the betting of cricket. 

LeoVegas betting site and app.

4. UNIBET: This application is considered to be excellent for cricket. Horse racing has also been included in its top list for betting. You can also live stream the sports under this application.

Unibet betting site and app.

5. 22Bet: This application allows transaction in Indian method. This application has a wide fame amongst the Indian betters. It is one of the most trusted bookmaker in the country.

22Bet betting site and app.

6. Rizk: This application allows its new users to bet for free upto Rs. 5000 (Terms and conditions applied). It also offers various bonuses to its users.

Rizk betting site and app.

7. Bet365: This is another great betting application bet365 ( which comes with huge bonuses. The application offers excellent ratings due to which it is considered as the finest betting application

Bet365 betting site and app.

8. Betfair: The services provided by Betfair cannot be matched with any other. The application has been serving since 1999 and has a great reputation. 

Betfair betting site and app.

9. Betway: This application allows the user to bet from any part of the world in any game that is happening in any corner of the world. 

Betway betting site and app.

10. Dafabet: This application was created in 2004 which gained a lot of popularity amongst the footfall tournaments. This application offers various bonuses to its new clients. You can even get your money refunded in the form of bonuses or points.

Dafabet betting site and app.

It is quite evident that technology is playing a very crucial role in widespread betting. The top 10 betting sites mentioned above also helps in transacting the winning and losing money. With the development in technology, even betting has found its way towards it.