Online cricket betting: some features

Online cricket betting: some features

Online cricket betting has taken the world of betters by its storm. Betting initially had many forms and today also it is done in various forms. But online cricket betting is the most widely chosen form of betting. There are even movies that are made on this concept. Betting is not only done in cricket but also in various forms of sports. This includes football, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, horse riding and many more.

One search form of betting that is legal in India is horse riding. Betting on horse riding is considered to be legal in India since the government doesn’t assume it to be based on luck. The jockey wins the race by putting in his hard work and efforts thus luck is a secondary aspect of it. There are a lot of places in India where horse riding takes place and hundreds of betters invest lakhs of money on the jockeys. 

There are various applications made for cricket betting, where you can find rates (odds) and cricket betting tips.                           

Pros and cons of online betting


  • Convenience: With the start of online betting gambling has become a very easy game for all the betters. The main advantage here is the better is not required to go to a specified place in order to gamble. He can bet on any sports from any place he wishes to. He can even sit at home comfortably and bet.
  • Availability of information: When a better person sits at home and bets he will require certain information and tips that are useful to decide on the decision of betting. These tips and predictions are available by various online websites and apps. Thus the better can easily avail this information from the web or the application that he is using.
  • Multiple choices: Online betting offers various forms of bettings. The better can choose any sports form available on the net. This is the main advantage of online betting. The better can view any live game happening anywhere in the world and be a part of the betting team of that sports.
  • Privacy and security: The applications available on the websites today for betting provides complete privacy and security to its users. The betters can bet online without any haste and difficulty. 


  • Limited interaction: Here the betters cannot have a face to face conversation with each other since a mode of betting that has chosen is online. The interaction among them gets difficult and sometimes leads to blunders.
  • Transaction problem: There are various countries where betting is illegal therefore the process of the transaction gets difficult. There are few modes that avail of these services but charge a higher transaction fee in return.
  • Risky: Online gambling is quite risky as the better has to give in his personal details to the web application. These web applications also hold various third parties without the knowledge of betters and developers. These third parties are nothing more than hackers who invade players’ privacy in order to ruin their money.