Which is the biggest cricket stadium in the world?

Which is the biggest cricket stadium in the world?

Cricket, a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field, has been around for centuries. It was introduced by the British in England in the 18th century and has slowly grown in popularity over the years. A cricket stadium is a venue for a match and it is built for spectators and those participating in the sport. To use it, people pay to enter or rent seats in the ground, buy a ticket for entry into a stand, or pay for tickets to watch from the VIPs area.

Both Australia and India have the ten largest stadiums in the world, a reflection of their longtime cricket rivalry. By comparing their capacities, the stadiums are compared in size. Below are the world’s 10 most elaborate cricket grounds.

1. Cricket stadiums in the world that are the largest are Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India

Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India

Among the few stadiums with LED lights instead of traditional tower floodlights. The stadium was built in 1983, demolished in 2020, and then completely rebuilt. To make it earthquake-resistant, the roof is made of a PTFE membrane.

Narendra Modi was formerly named Sardar stadium and after it has been renamed. This stadium is situated on the outskirts of the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad. In 2022 it is announced as the largest stadium in the world, this stadium lies under the Gujarat cricket association. However, this stadium was not always the largest stadium, but after 2015, Narendra Modi started modification in the stadium and became the largest stadium in the world. 

Many matches have been played in this stadium and it is famous for T20 and test cricket matches. You must have seen these kinds of matches on television or by visiting the stadium itself. The last cricket match which was played in the stadium was a T20 match between India and England in 2021. 

Before Sardar Patel the name of the stadium was Montera and then it was renamed as Narendra Modi Stadium. It is a proud thing for India that the world’s largest stadium is situated in India and it describes the love of the audience towards cricket. 

This stadium has broken the record of Melbourne cricket stadium which has a seating capacity of about 90,000 people. Along with being the largest stadium in the world, this stadium has many unique features which are the cherry on top.

The Narendra Modi stadium is large enough to ensure the presence of 1,32,000 people, and it is spread over about 63 acres the stadium has 4 entry points. Talking about the size of the field then it is measured as 180×150 yards.

The other facilities such as the dressing room are available for 4 teams along with the additional accessories and it also has a dormitory for 40 athletes. The most important thing is practising pitch. It is also given in sufficient numbers for different teams for both indoor and outdoor. These features explain why it is the largest stadium and along with it the features in the stadium are also appreciable.

2. “Melbourne Cricket Ground” in Melbourne, Australia

Cricket stadium in the world is Melbourne Cricket Ground

Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground is the second-largest cricket stadium worldwide and can seat 100,024 people. This stadium has been a longtime landmark and is one of Melbourne’s most iconic stadiums. That was built in 1853. Before Narendra Modi cricket stadium, this one is the biggest cricket stadium in the world. It is the biggest stadium in Australia and is used for Cricket matches.

Melbourne Cricket Ground was based on a plot of land used for sports in the early years of Melbourne’s history, and this stadium is also the main ground of the 1956 summer Olympics and 2006 commonwealth games.

It was originally called the Melbourne Cricket Club Ground and was then known as the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The first-ever test match was played in the MCG stadium between Australia and England. The first-ever ODI match was also played here on Jan 5, 1971.

In the 2015 World Cup, MCG stadium becomes the first stadium that holds the highest crowd in the stadium – 93013. Melbourne cricket ground is also the first stadium that shows a scoreboard with the name of Batsman and a team score with dismissals.

3. The World’s Largest Cricket Stadium is Eden Gardens in Kolkata, India

The third-largest stadium is located in Kolkata, India, known as Eden Gardens, which has a seating capacity of 68000 people – many consider it one of India’s most famous landmarks and one of its finest cricket pitches.

In 1864, the stadium was built and is considered ‘the Mecca of Indian cricket’ since it is the oldest in the country. In addition to hosting the World Cup and Asia Cup, it has a capacity of 66,349 spectators.

In addition to the winning stands named after prominent cricketers and soldiers of India, the stadium Lord Auckland’s Eden sisters inspired the name, the then governor-general of India.

In cricket history, Eden Gardens is the oldest Test cricket ground in India. The first test match held in Eden Gardens was played between India and England on 5-8 Jan 1934. In addition, Eden Gardens is famous for hosting major world cup tournament matches, and till now, they hosted six World Cup matches, two matches in the 1987 world cup, one match in 1996, and three matches in the 2011 world cup.

Eden Garden stadium was also hosting 5 T20 World Cup matches in a single edition in 2016. In the Eden garden cricket stadium, the total number of test matches played in this stadium is 42. And there are also 30 ODI matches and 8 T20 cricket matches played.

The highest number of individual scored runs is 264 by Rohit Sharma against Sri Lanka at Eden Garden stadium. Team India scores the highest in Eden Garden cricket Stadium against Sri Lanka, 404/5. West Indies scores the lowest total score in ODI cricket format against India, which is 123/10.

4. Indian cricket stadium named after Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh

It has a capacity of 65,000 seats and was built in 2008. For the Delhi Daredevils, it is their second home stadium. In 1857, landlord Veer Narayan Singh Binjhwar won Indian independence in Chhattisgarh from British rule. His stadium is named after him.

The stadium has recently been renovated and boasts some of the best facilities in the country, although no international sporting event has been held there yet.  

5. The biggest cricket stadium in the world is Perth Stadium in Perth, Australia

Perth Stadium

60,000 people can be accommodated in the Perth multipurpose facility that was built in 2017. In addition to hosting many sports leagues, the stadium has also hosted concerts and cultural exhibitions. Aside from enjoying the vista, its location near the Fremantle sea allows its users to enjoy the cool breeze during the scorching summer months.

A stadium project revitalized the urban wasteland and made it a lively and thriving park and cultural attraction.

6. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad, India

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

60,000 spectators can watch Sunrisers Hyderabad play in the Indian Premier League at the stadium. Cricket is considered a religion by Indians as evidenced by the fact that a temple is located inside this stadium in hopes of ensuring victory for the host team. Due to the addition of a temple and fixing that issue, it was believed to have improved their fortunes since they almost always win at their stadium.