How COVID-19 is affecting the sports world

How COVID-19 is affecting the sports world

The COVID-19 situation, not only on the IPL series but also on other sports activities, in the future, is expected to have a severe negative impact. The effect is not only shown across the economy but also across various franchise owners. The impact of canceling this IPL series would cost the BCCI around $500 million. The scrapping of this cash-rich event would have a massive financial hit on the revenue of the BCCI. 

As stated by the BCCI treasurer, Arun Dhumal, the impact of the cancellation of the IPL event due to the COVID-19 would lead to a loss of around $530 million or even more. He also stated that the IPL series may not probably take place this year which may have a severe impact on various broadcasters and financiers.

It is just not the IPL series but also the T20 World Cup in 2020 that is expected to have an impact in terms of postponement due to this crisis. In terms of comparing the IPL with the T20 World Cup, many of them have gone in favour of IPL. However, Mr Rijiju had focused more on the impact of COVID-19. 

He stated that in the future, various events related to sports should be carried out without any spectators in the venues or the stadiums. He also told that the IPL 2020 series will be on hold as the government needs to take a decision on this.

The impact of COVID-19 is expected to affect not only the IPL series but also the T20 World Cup along with other domestic series across various countries. According to various media reports, the postponement of IPL 2020 to November 2020 or December 2020 would result in the cancellation of the T20 World Cup. It would also affect the Australian domestic series which was planned in the same period. Ian Chappell, a former Australian player, has requested Cricket Australia (CA) to make a move on the COVID-19 effect. He was suggesting to keep the players in their own country instead of sending them to India for the IPL. 

A former Australian cricket player Ian Chappell.

Also, to recover back the amount for the IPL, Mark Taylor had suggested providing India a tour to Australia later in next year’s summer. This was the juggling act that would recover the IPL lost amount in the next year as a million dollars would be injected for this game. However, this would only help these two countries and also the main and expert players from the teams.

The BCCI also has the option of scheduling the IPL series in July 2020. The match is also expected to take place in closed doors. According to the BCCI reports, the board will look to host the matches – only a few – based on the rules set by the government of India. The full-fledged match is also not expected to take place due to COVID-19. The most expensive player Pat Cummins stated that the match can take place behind closed doors. Some players focus on the match as others focus on the livelihood of the people. It is time to take a decision – Match or Livelihood? Will the question remain unanswered?